Why do I do…

I see happiness wherever I go
I love ferociously once  I am attached
I don’t have the courage to say “NO”
I trust the ones I have touched
I seek positivity in everything around
I feel the warmth of of love profound
I wait and then wait to hear that one voice
Which is a jingle ..by choice
Why do I do this???
I can give all my love
I can share all my time
I will still not feel spent
And will just be the way I am
I get rejections at times
I am misunderstood several times
Gemini trait shadows me
And I truly cover whatever it may be
Why do I do this???
Yes, one day I’ll not regret that I loved intensely
One day I’ll be satiated by the feeling deeply
One day I’ll be in a bliss
That I loved, lived, gave and touched a heart immensely
That’s why I do it …

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