About me

My name is Disha Shrivastava. I am a Mumbai based, CSR and Corporate Communication professional. I am also an endurance athlete and like to run a lot, actually it’s the best way to run away from all unwanted things!

I love climbing mountains, swimming in the sea, chase the butterflies in the wild, sing loudest and be happy for no reason. I am a mother of two super energetic boys who keep my on my nerves, literally all the time.

I like to see magic in everything and I am a forever a dreamer.

Big time Bollywood fan and loves doing tapori dance aka Ganpati dance.

I like to write on parenting, relationships, self-worth, women power, motherhood, travel ,mental health and children.

I am so happy that you’re reading my blogs.

7 Replies to “About me”

  1. Disha, I would love to hear more about your experience at this altitude (Thorong La) with your son. I am planning to take my girls 11 and 15 to Gokyo Lakes in the Everest region (similar height) and I am concerned about kids and the altitude sikcness. I would love to hear from you – your story, experience and advice.

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    1. Sure , I am almost done with my detailed blog , shall post in day or two ,you can then have a fair idea about the Ţrek and altitude


    2. Hi,I have published my blog with all the details and also strava links to understand distance ,terrain and elevation gain. Trust it’ll be of some help to you. Have a great hike


  2. Hi Disha, Do go through our website and connect with me over email. We are looking for people like yourself to help us in our 2-fold Mission. Thanks


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