Happy Children’s Day to each child


Thanks for being my children my dear boys

And making me a mom. Ahoy!

Mom as a referee

Life has never been the same after you two

Those sleepless nights, potty and loo

I am more of a referee and less as a mother

Pacifier, driver, teacher, story-teller, cook are just a few roles as HER

  My home is always  high on decibel coz,

We never talk but scream

We never walk but run

We never play but fight

We don’t have dolls but guns

We  have broken furniture and that’s the fun

But still I love this pandemonium around

It’s the music and energy that you both surround

We are a riot

On this children’s day my boys

I wish that you grow up to be,

Kind enough to be kind

Loved enough to love

Caring enough to care and

Human enough to be humane

I pray that,

Let no child cry, weep or be doom

Let no child die in the womb

Let no child sleep hungry

Let no child ever feel sorry

Let each child have a slate and chalk

Let child be free to talk

Let child be safe and guarded

Let child be educated

My dear boys,

Share and spread your knowledge and love

As you are a god sent gift to me from above.

My bundle of energy

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