I am flying in my jet plane !!

The New Year is here

resolutions ,promises and lots to hear

I am not keen to know yours

Because I have something to share

I am taking a flight too high

Into a world of daisies and bright light

I am flying in my own jet

Wheee … heeeee…. and all set

I am just taking a backpack

Filled with candies , chips and cookies

I am not letting anyone talk behind my back

So, I’ve set maid ,home ,car,hubby and babies

I am going to a land of birds ,hills and snow

I’ll run ,roll,jump or walk too slow

I’ll scream , be messy , not bathe

I’ll not comb my hair or brush my teeth

I’ll get up with NO kitchen menu in mind

I’ll conquer the whole bed of mine

I’ll have chocolate cakes

Puddings ,cookies and choco lava I will bake

I’ll wear all creepy clothes

And not even bother for those “looks”

Imagine the fun and freedom

A world free of bra and boredom

Deadlines , planning , schedules , sports day

Oh !! What are they ?

No more of playing “ideal ” game

Stay cool , wild and untamed

Not answerable ,not responsible

But a pure fluid ,moulding wherever feasible !!





I landed with a thud and crash

Only to realise that my jet plane did not take off 🙂

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