It’s 11 my boy!

11 years ago on this day I was anxious
Impatient and fractious
Screaming and wailing in pain
It was like a curse of Cain

I wanted the time to run
That situation was no fun
Twisting and twirling the whole night
I wished everyone to be out of sight

The morning came as a breather
As I headed to the operation theatre
Next what I remember is still afresh
Never to forget the tiny pink flesh

You were cuddled in me
Unopened eyes and fingers as tiny as can be
Unknown of anything around
Sleeping blissfully with no sound

How the years flew I don’t know
Everything just went in a flow
Crossing your kindergarten
Was like discovering colors in a carton

First crawl to wobbly steps
Sleepless nights to small naps
Potty and burps and smell
Crying, screaming and yell

Where did the baby fat go
My boy you are 11 do you know
Now you hop, skip and jump
Kick, bat and run

Miss your chirpy chatter
Tantrums and stamping harder
And our quick jig
For my little boy has grown big

Can only wish for lots of love
Success and happiness all above
You will always be my tiny boy
So come to mamma if at all you want to cry

Be the same little boy forever
Smile broad and never ever bother
Run and play the way you like
For there is just one life .

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