It’s a beautiful world my boys- Live it!!

I always get overwhelmed during the birthday months of my boys. As a kid   always I cherished birthday celebrations. As my birthday came during summer break hence I celebrated twice; once on the actual date and other when the school reopened. Wow..what joy!!!
Now,  I look forward to celebrate birthday for my boys.
It’s the same excitement,  zeal and happiness as I experienced during my birthdays.
This year 10th May has double significance . First,  my younger son turns 6 and second it’s Mother’s Day.
As a mother I am always under pressure. I think we all are no matter how chilled , easy going or no – strings attached mom we portray.
Pressure of , keeping my boys away from unhealthy competition,  unwanted peer pressure , safety and many more.
As my boys turn 10 and 6 this year , it’s time that they should start understanding the basics of life.  Few of which may not be appropriate for their age as of now but it’s always good to grow with facts told at an early stage.
So my boys , there goes your mom as I know I’ll not be there for you always but I want you to grow up with a firm head.

1. Always treat both the sex same

Once you start doing this there will be no so called gender bias. Don’t look at girls as candy floss, delicate , barbie dolls or weak.  Treat them at par as you. Yes,  you need to be vigilant with girls around as there are heinous vultures eyeing them. But make them confident to fight back and you have won half the battle.

2. Learn to do household chores

It is very important for you to do the laundry , utensils , check the maid calendar and cleanliness of the house. You must know basic cooking if not a chef variety .Afterall you also have a stomach which growls for food when hungry.

3. Never feel ashamed to say sorry or cry out loud

Doesn’t matter if the society says that you are BOY and you can’t cry like a girl or you are too strong to say sorry. Then my dear boy, feeling sorry for your wrong or crying out loud when are low is not gender specific. Just express yourself truly.
If you want to paint your toe nails then go ahead and do it,  you need not feel ashamed about it at all.

4. Wash your own underwear after 18

Your mom or household help has done enough for your hygiene till now. It’s time that you take over and understand your cleanliness. It’s a BOY thing after all.

5. Only Discipline and hard work will make you successful

There’s no short cut to success and if you feel so then your mom is not by your decision. Discipline your life , routine and work.

6. Have a hobby

Learn a sport , play an instrument , learn an art, read across boundaries , strike your vocal cord , travel or anything which makes your passion soar. This is one thing which will always keep you on a high and will be your stress buster.

7. Love your body

Sexual abuse is not confined to girls . My dear boy even you are at threat. Take care of yourself very well and your body is for you to love no one has the  right to hurt , abuse or harm you.

8. Respect the elders , love the young and take care of weaker section of the society

9. Stand up for wrong

No matter how good human being you are you’ll always find something wrong around. Never let it go. Take law by your side and fix the wrong/ situation

10. Learn something from anyone you come across

Anyone who comes across you has
something or the other to teach you,  my father said this to me and I am passing the same piece of knowledge to you. Be a learner throughout your life and seek wisdom from everything around you.

The list is endless my boys but a firm faith , belief and confidence in yourself will make you a successful human being.

I hope to see you both growing as a boon to the society. …. that’s my little contribution.

My boys grow up as you
Live as you want to
Stay happy and no blue
In the end it’ll be ONLY YOU.


Stay strong on your roots to grow high

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