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Come back

I see you in me every moment
Your breath your smell your life in me
every moment
You drifted like a rivulet from the main river
You parted like cord from the womb
You withered like a cloud from a storm
But,  you know what…
No matter how much you drift,  part or wither
The soul will not deter
One day you wanna run to me
Trust me, I’ll still be there whatever may be
Just come to me my baby
And I’ll hold you tight
My grip my closeness my breath
Will not let you part
Come back…..my baby ……come back. …..


Learn … grow. .. achieve

Good things come in huge packages , but a dialogue from the Spiderman says,
“With great power comes great responsibility ”

That’s so true and the statement holds a deep truth.

Recently, I happened to visit a place of clean pristine water,  beautiful sunsets by the beach , breathtaking under water life, mesmerising white sand and enormous varieties plus colorful corals and fishes.

I was lucky enough to swim alongside this 25 ft plus whale shark(video link below )


Our guide knew the exact location and time for whale shark.  We accelerated in our speed boat towards the  spot , we were asked to wear our snorkeling mask to prevent water gushing into our nose , fins in our feet and then plunge into the sea instantly as soon as we were instructed.

The plunge from the boat into the clear blue sea right from the boat was like leaving everything behind and going into a new world.

A world which I had never explored before, a world of vastness , a world of untouched beauty.

Then what I saw is beyond words. A huge , gigantic Whale Shark moving , swaying,  swimming , traversing in her own rhythm. Totally clueless , unmoved , undisturbed, unaffected by the sea of people around it. I was not the only lucky soul, tourists from all over the world ensure that they have a glimpse of this beauty if they are in  Maldives. Being a cheaper destination swimming with the shark is not-to-miss there.

Right from amateurs to professional scuba divers,  all were moving around and also by the side of the whale.
But,  this giant in the sea had her own path and was moving as per her  terms without getting bothered about being a center of attraction.

I was just wondering that very moment when I was swimming just above the whale,  that if I was the whale and if I was the center of attention would I have been behaving the same? ?

Absolutely not. 

Success,  money , power , beauty , recognition gets into our head very quick and dwells in there as long as we wish to. There also comes a time when we realise that this fame is very short lived but as humans have a “habit” of everything thus seeking attention also becomes a HABIT.

What I learned from the swim with the shark is,

1. Bigger anyone is,  in terms of beauty , knowledge ,power , success or money more giving , humble and gracious they become or should become.   The shark let everyone admire her existence while maintaining her calmness.

2. If I have a vision and my aim is clear my actions will be darted in the same direction  absolutely unaffected by the hindrance caused by others . The shark traversed her own path and was not bothered by the sea of people around her.

There’s learning in whatever I see
There’s learning in whosoever I meet
There’s learning in wherever I go
The day I stop learning
I’ll be a dead soul without any feeling

GOPR9675: https://youtu.be/tKNq0_9qAoA

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