I took a step
then thought to move back
I thought l am wrong
I shouldn’t be doing this
several thoughts crossed my mind
right and wrong ,
truth and false,
moral and immoral ,
yes and no ,
within the boundary or total revolutionary,
I am a good  mom,
a daughter ,
a wife
a tagged female in the society
Taking bold steps go beyond acceptance
Avaliable , a slut and an irresponsible female become your address.
Don’t I have a breath
Don’t I dream
Don’t I  have desires
Yes I do that’s why I took a step.
I am not scared of failure
I am ready to face the outcome
I own my decision
I’ll still prove to be a good mom, a dutiful wife,  a loving daughter and a beautiful human being .
I’ve taken a step and I’ll prove it.

You live a life once, so better live it

2 Replies to “Step”

  1. A step may need many steps more to complete the journey. The problem will arise when the strength to take another step will wean off.
    So be careful Tagged Female – with end in sight , journey should not appear long – preserve steps (read strength) for the final climb.


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