The power of giving .

The pool of knowledge that we all possess , may not be just academics  but I feel each and everyone around is profound in their own way.
But what if sun doesn’t wish to give away it’s light and warmth.
What if the breeze doesn’t want to flow
What if the flower doesn’t display it’s beauty
What if I lock my knowledge within me?
The answer to the above lies within me….
Take a step. ..move ahead. …there are people who need you. ..your knowledge is seeked ..go ahead to impart it.
We did the same on a very bright Saturday morning. ..
Just a normal day but was fiilled with energy. ..warmth. ..chirping. ..inquisitiveness. …curiosity. ..excitement. ..All bundled together.
We a bunch of givers coming from different backgrounds. .cities. …experience. .decided to be scientist for a day.
We acted like Newton or Edison or Graham bell …. no we didn’t act..We just wore shoes of middle level scholars.
We explored few science topics from Grade 5-8 and made them understand through simple experiments and demonstrations.

Grade 5, was talking about Volcanoes and how the
lava erupts . We did some amazing demonstration to explain it.


Grade 6, was trapped in tricks when we showed them videos on Optical Illusion. We observed some amazing laughter and lot of confusion at the same time.


Grade 7,was beaming with excitement when we made a Kaleidoscope while talking about Light -travel and properties. Optical fibres was of great interest as well.


Grade 8, had an amazing time when we played around the topic electromagnetism. We talked about movement of trains . We also did demonstrations using bar magnets and managed to do a car race as well. Car race was the most sought after fun.


What we got in return was innocent laughter,  lots of questions , beaming energy,  and quest to learn more.


The session made us go back to our school days. Where we were learning new things , the joy of the lunch break bell , the ownership of the mic in hand , the victory on using the laptop , the chirpy chatter. We all brushed our school days again.


A mountain is build with very tiny pebbles but all held together. Similarly,  when a team comes together for a common cause with a aim of Marking a change , revolution is bound to happen.



Together we can , we will and we have to make a difference!!!!

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