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Always do..

Like a cold winter breeze my spine chilled,until you held me still.
Your soft firm hands,grasping me like a band.

You rose like a stallion and I rode without retaliation.
The feeling was deep and sane,firm strides without a mane.

Then it swifted in a full circle just you and you with out rumble.
A scented breath as I felt, sinked in me without dispel.

Oh! My thoughts are now frugal, as it’s you and only you .. just too brutal.
My wings are spread out wide, touching every height with huge strides.

Even if one day you decide to go, I’ll sink in surely I know.
But then I’ll let it happen, for once i loved you and will always do.

Wish I could

I wish not to be a seeker
I wish not to be a hunter
I wish not to be a user
I was always a giver
I was always a lover
I was always a bearer
It’s not how hard I hit
But how much I can stand the hit
I always have two faces
Never to be revealed in any phases
How I wish to give it back!!!
The frown, the hurt with impact.
I can never do it I know
For I am a giver and not a user…


I took a step
then thought to move back
I thought l am wrong
I shouldn’t be doing this
several thoughts crossed my mind
right and wrong ,
truth and false,
moral and immoral ,
yes and no ,
within the boundary or total revolutionary,
I am a good  mom,
a daughter ,
a wife
a tagged female in the society
Taking bold steps go beyond acceptance
Avaliable , a slut and an irresponsible female become your address.
Don’t I have a breath
Don’t I dream
Don’t I  have desires
Yes I do that’s why I took a step.
I am not scared of failure
I am ready to face the outcome
I own my decision
I’ll still prove to be a good mom, a dutiful wife,  a loving daughter and a beautiful human being .
I’ve taken a step and I’ll prove it.

You live a life once, so better live it

Let yourself be just YOU

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.
~ Albert Einstein

I was thinking about the same during my recent trip to a camp side .
It was a long awaited trip as I was keenly looking forward to feel the nature very closely.
It was a bright, warm ,sunny afternoon when we reached the venue after cruising through the highway, ferrying through the narrow lanes and then plunging into deep waters . But,  trust me it was totally worth the effort.
Sun was a little harsh on us but the vast span to walk and play around was magnanimous. Sight of the tent laid, tables arranged,  a fresh lime welcome drink was enough to satiate us.


As I  sat

after the usual settling of luggage and comforting the hungry, crying and tired kids, with a much required drink in hand I could feel the heat rushing in my cheeks.
I wondered was it the temperature outside or a turmoil inside? As the spirits started to take their course I again went into my usual thought process which I always do whenever I am close to nature.
Neither the discomfort of balancing myself on a hammock nor the heat dithered my quick nap. As I shut my eyes I felt the warm air rubbing against me making me feel so naked. Again a point where I felt myself totally into the embrace of the wild and rough. How often it happens when we think about taking a road less travelled but then the human boundaries pull us back to follow a routine.


The chirpy chatter of kids and the entire atmosphere filled with their energies made the place come to life. They were all over collecting dry leaves for the bonfire,  checking time for the barbecue to be laid, all excited to explore the river on kayaks and waiting for the sun to set.


As the sun sets it brings down my energy as well. No,  am not a solar heater but yes I  possess the heat and energy of the sun.
Sound of cricket accompanied with few other insects were making a melodious symphony which was just required for the night. Then, the strings striked

and the then quite place turned into a musical extravaganza. The night was high and most of us were slowly moving away from our inhibitions, sharing our grievance,  parting our joy,  cacophonous laughter and getting closer.
Beauty of darkness at night is ironic. It gives you a comfort to be you at one point but keeps your secret in place at other point.
It doesn’t happen often that you feel warm and cold in your thoughts at the same time. May be the feeling of warmth comes with the comfort of a company and cold is when you feel you’ve or you’ll lose it.
But human mind is a very powerful tool that we all boast to possess and it can think as deep as a dark night and as vivid as a fragmented sky.
The bone chilling cold at night had a special warmth. We had new acquaintance,  new company, new sharing and exploring each other as newly weds.


The day broke and the sun rays swept in, morning sun is something that excites me a lot. The silence around is deafening.  Its a new day with new brightness. The sparkling sunlight absorbed the darkness of night leaving just beautiful memories to cherish. That soft, cold breeze gives you a feeling of a tight hold when you clutch your fingers and squeeze yourself for more warmth.


Just walking aimlessly, inching every step to see something new,  absorbing the warmth of sun rays all over me,  crushing the dry leaves under my feet and looking forward for a path which is new and exciting is what I love to do in the mornings.


Sitting by the river I saw the reflection of tall trees by the bank. I could even see the tip of the trees distinctly in the reflection as compared to the tree itself. I wondered how true it is. No matter how much you grow in life, no matter how successful you become, no matter how much wealth you create but your reflection which will be you showing your truer side. When we are able to reflect our true self that is the moment of liberation. Being judged or not is of least importance then.


This beautiful trip into nature gave me a wonderful insight. I come back into my own self with warmth of the sun,  magnanimity of mother nature, secret of darkness, silence of misty mornings waiting to roar as the day proceeds and above all JUST ME.

The power of giving .

The pool of knowledge that we all possess , may not be just academics  but I feel each and everyone around is profound in their own way.
But what if sun doesn’t wish to give away it’s light and warmth.
What if the breeze doesn’t want to flow
What if the flower doesn’t display it’s beauty
What if I lock my knowledge within me?
The answer to the above lies within me….
Take a step. ..move ahead. …there are people who need you. ..your knowledge is seeked ..go ahead to impart it.
We did the same on a very bright Saturday morning. ..
Just a normal day but was fiilled with energy. ..warmth. ..chirping. ..inquisitiveness. …curiosity. ..excitement. ..All bundled together.
We a bunch of givers coming from different backgrounds. .cities. …experience. .decided to be scientist for a day.
We acted like Newton or Edison or Graham bell …. no we didn’t act..We just wore shoes of middle level scholars.
We explored few science topics from Grade 5-8 and made them understand through simple experiments and demonstrations.

Grade 5, was talking about Volcanoes and how the
lava erupts . We did some amazing demonstration to explain it.


Grade 6, was trapped in tricks when we showed them videos on Optical Illusion. We observed some amazing laughter and lot of confusion at the same time.


Grade 7,was beaming with excitement when we made a Kaleidoscope while talking about Light -travel and properties. Optical fibres was of great interest as well.


Grade 8, had an amazing time when we played around the topic electromagnetism. We talked about movement of trains . We also did demonstrations using bar magnets and managed to do a car race as well. Car race was the most sought after fun.


What we got in return was innocent laughter,  lots of questions , beaming energy,  and quest to learn more.


The session made us go back to our school days. Where we were learning new things , the joy of the lunch break bell , the ownership of the mic in hand , the victory on using the laptop , the chirpy chatter. We all brushed our school days again.


A mountain is build with very tiny pebbles but all held together. Similarly,  when a team comes together for a common cause with a aim of Marking a change , revolution is bound to happen.



Together we can , we will and we have to make a difference!!!!

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