Move.. Move ahead

As I walked ahead

My hand kept touching me

I could feel the beads I could hear the dangling

I could feel the warmth of my baby

His little fingers on my hand

On the bracelet that I wore

My head kept spinning

My thoughts kept drifting

I thanked to all my well wishers for keeping me in their prayers

I felt obliged to all those who missed it

As I understood my presence in their life

But I deeply thanked those who just ignored me

What a piece of waste I am – for them

What a used commodity

What a waste of time

But, yes this thought gave a great push

When my feet gave up, when my fingers swelled, when I went out of breath, when tears rolled down my cheeks , when my breath said- No more

I said, this is the time…get up, get going , get moving, march ahead

You are born with your own soul and your own body

Firm your head…push things aside..let the depressing thoughts go down the drain

But…you move .. Just move..

I raced , I sprinted , I danced , I walked , I crawled ..but I did and I did it!!!

The race doesn’t end here..the struggle doesn’t stop here…the endurance doesn’t peak here…

There’s more to come, more to achieve , more to battle , more to love , more to forgive..more to look ahead and Keep Moving .

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2 Replies to “Move.. Move ahead”

  1. Beautiful- keep going – who knows our paths cross again – onward to new paths again n again – till life bestows the ultimate on us. Cheers!!!

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