Lost my breath

I heard a shriek from far n wide
Wondered there is someone out of sight
Holding my baby in my arms
I searched but nothing could be found
My little breath panicked a little
I held him tight n gave a giggle
I heard that shriek again
This time much low in pain
I made my little heart sit aside
Assuring I’ll be back in a sight
I followed the voice of pain
To find a tiny soul in a lane
She was cold scared n numb
I gave her my hand to come
She ran to me as if my own
Hugged n squeezed me to my bone
I gripped her tiny finger
To go to my little breath faster
I came to the spot where I left
But there was nothing but a cleft
My heart sank to the deepest
My soul was in the darkest
Frantically I searched all around
But my tiny breath had bounced
My soul my heart my breath was gone
Tears rolled down from miles n beyond
With a thud I flattened on the lane
But those cold fingers rolled on me again
I looked up at her to see a hope
She wanted me to cling like a rope
I held her little finger n started to walk
Leaving behind feelings like a rock.



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